Hana’s Fairytale


One day, Hana read a book but she wanted to go outside. Then she saw a big beautiful butterfly so she followed the butterfly. Then the butterfly flew away in the middle of the forest, but it didn’t look like a normal forest, it was a magical forest. Hana was worried, but she saw a big castle right in front of her.

Hana was surprised, so she walked there, then saw a lady with a long brown hair that wore a beautiful long dress and a pretty tiara. The lady played a violin and she played a beautiful music. Then she saw Hana and said “Oh! I didn’t see you there. Do you wanna learned to play a violin?” the Lady said, then Hana said “Of course! I’d love to!”

Then the Lady said “Come over here!”
So Hana walked towards her and then the Lady taught Hana to play a violin. After that, the Lady said “I’m Princess Mal. What’s your name?”
“My name is Hana. Nice to meet you Mal,” said Hana.

After that, Mal offered Hana for a tour to the castle. Hana got really excited to see it. The castle consists of 3 master bedrooms, 5 kitchens with five chefs each. Also 3 gardeners, 6 small bedrooms, 3 large bedrooms, 1 big dining room, and a big garden.

Finally Mal and went to the garden to see all of the plants. But there is a plant that caught Hana’s attention from the first time. She saw a big tall beanstalk.

“Why is this plant so tall?” asked Hana.
“Our neighbor lives up there” answered Mal.
“Wanna see out neighbors?” added Mal.
“Of course!” said Hana.

Then they climbed the beanstalk, Hana was surprised that she saw a big cottage. “Mr. and Mrs. Williams I’ve brought a new friend of mine!” shouted Mal, then the door squeaked open and these two giant standing there looked at Mal and Hana.

“Hey Mr. and mrs. Williams i’ve brought a new friend here!” shouted Mal.
“Hi sweetie,” said Mrs. Wiliiam.
“Hi Mal!”
Mal and Hana walked into the house. Mrs William offered some warm tea and they both were okay for it. After that, they left the house and slide down the beanstalk. “Do you have any other neighbors?” asked Hana.

“Yes, i have a neighbor and she is a witch. But she’s friendly,” said Mal.

And they went to the witch’s house. It was a small cottage with a small garden. Mal knocked on the door, “Ms Celestine, I have a new friend,” said Mal.
There was a pretty lady who opened the door. That’s Ms Celestine standing there.


“Hi Mal and you..?” said Ms Celestine while looking at Hana.
“I’m Hana,” said Hana.
“Do you wanna see the potion I’ve made?” asked Ms Celestine.
“Yes, please!” Mal and Hana said together.

Ms Celestine showed her first potion called the “come alive” lotion. It was a splash potion and it can bring non living things to a living thing. Then the second potion called the “growing” potion. It was a potion can make the plants grow fast. Then, the third potion called the “flying” potion that can make things fly.

After ms Celestine finished explaining the names of those potion and abilities, Mal and Hana left the house. Time passes by. Hana and Mal played together. Then Hana passed. But the next morning, Hana woke up at her house. She wondered whether it was just a dream or not.
The End.

By : Nacita Kirana Sutanto


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